Post natal care

Post natal care: Your life would never be the same again after having a baby. You have given this miraculous birth and after this your body needs to be tended with extra and special care. Indian culture gives emphasis to the post natal care. It ensures that the new mother gets proper rest as well as care.

During the post natal period, it is important to ensure that the mother is in a good state, both physically and mentally. The post natal period is usually right after giving birth to 6 weeks after birth. Taking good post natal care ensures that there are no complications and both the mother and the baby are in the pink of health.

Post natal care: Diet

The diet during the post natal care period also plays a very vital role. It should be ensured that the mother is fed lots of healthy food that nurtures her body. There are some foods that need to be avoided during the post natal care period. Similarly, the post natal care diet should include foods such as ghee, garlic, sprouts, dry fruits and nuts, fenugreek seeds, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, lentils etc. All these foods are super nourishing for the mother’s body. The mother should also have protein rich foods such as milk, eggs, yogurt, fish etc. during the post natal care period. If your doctor has prescribed prenatal vitamins then it’s a good idea to consume those as well.

Along with diet, also ensure that you are getting proper rest. Take very good amount of rest and high impact work (or most work at all) is best to be avoided.

Good post natal care builds the foundation to a happy and healthy mother as well as baby. To know more about post natal care or post natal care diet, you can talk to us.

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